“A creature of mellow gold… Black pattern on their wings is like a delicate sand mandala and seems like it could be swept away in a cloud of coloured powder by the slightest breath of wind… Smartly-dressed dandies, with their fur trimmed coats, red epaulets and blue ribbons. They know how to pose, they keep together, showing off, willing to be admired. They know their Queen’s colours become them.”

AGLAIS IO (Peacock butterfly)
large nature art​

Price: SOLD

Artwork specification:

  • Dimensions: 140cm (W) / 90cm (H)
  • Technique: Rembrandt soft pastel & Coliro metallic watercolor + fixer
  • Lightfastness: no less than ** (up to 100 years according to ASTM Standard D4303)
  • Paper: Fabriano Accademia 200g + custom background
  • Frame: custom made from recycled wood