I’m totally crazy about birds. It wasn’t always this way, but I met a magpie which changed my life completely. When I go through the city I see birds , not people, I hear them, I catch their glances.

ethereal . airy . salty . breeze

Modern Style Room
large nature art

sweet . tropical . funky

I have always had a weakness for sweet, juicy and fragrant fruits. I love strawberries and figs, but I also appreciate apples. These paintings are created out of love for consumption, taste and smell, as well as form, color and texture. The shapes and colors of the fruit are a great inspiration for me, I like to take them out of context, place them in abstract spaces, but still allow them to be plants.

Abstract Style Room
large nature art

moonlight . smoke . mist . journey

They are so different in colours, shapes and ornaments that it is hard to believe. They always inspire me with their different shapes, lines and patterns, Children of the sun and the moon.

Classic Style Room
large nature art